Catherine Abreu, former executive director of the Climate Action Network, Executive Director of Destination Zero and member of Canada’s Net-Zero Advisory Body

“Ontarians’ health, homes and communities are under constant threat from extreme heat, floods and fires. Our homegrown businesses and workforce are falling further behind while we watch our closest trading partners run the race to a clean economy. In this context, the leaders of every political party in Canada’s most populous province should be planning for Ontario to have the most ambitious climate plan on the continent. Yet, very few provincial politicians are stepping up to plate. I have watched Nate Erksine-Smith work across sectors and political lines to push for bold climate action, and become an internal champion in his own party to build ambition on this generation-defining issue. I trust Nate to provide the strong vision for climate leadership that the Ontario Liberal Party needs, and that we who live in this province deserve.”

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