A Serious Commitment to Protecting the Greenbelt

La vision de Nate

Ontario Liberals created the Greenbelt. Ontario Liberals should protect the Greenbelt. 

The current Ford government does not have a credible plan to protect our environment, and they are not taking the housing crisis in Ontario seriously. Instead, they want to pave over the Greenbelt and build more sprawl across Ontario to benefit their developer friends.

Ontarians deserve access to affordable housing and environmental protection, and Ontario Liberals know that we can do both. 

Ontario Liberals need to elect a leader that is serious about protecting the Greenbelt, and building housing in the right areas to deliver affordable housing for Ontarians. 

Serious leadership. For a change. 

If you support Nate’s pledge to protect the Greenbelt, while at the same time building more housing in the right areas to deliver housing affordability right across the province, sign up to support him in the upcoming Ontario Liberal Party leadership race.

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