A Bold and Ambitious Plan to Make Housing Affordable in Ontario

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Nate's Vision

Ontario families are facing a massive housing crisis and deserve serious action.

It is a generational fairness challenge and a challenge to our economic productivity.

With home ownership out of reach and rents on the rise, young people are leaving their home communities and our province.

The next generation should be better off than the last, and hard work should be rewarded with a place to call home.

We need provincial leadership. We can’t afford more NIMBYism.

Meet Nate

Nate's Plan:

  1. Ending exclusionary zoning, and remove barriers to smart and sustainable growth.

  2. Building and protecting public-minded and affordable rental housing.

  3. Treating housing as a home first and an investment second.

  4. Partnering with other levels of government.
Nate's Housing Plan - A Bold Plan to Deliver Generational Fairness