Nate Erskine-Smith vows to bring trust back to Queen’s Park

Comprehensive plan to engage grassroots volunteers, empower strong local representatives, and give young people a stronger voice in our politics.

TORONTO, ON (19 October 23) — Today, Liberal leadership candidate, Nate Erskine-Smith unveiled a plan to restore trust at Queen’s Park.

“Trust is everything in our democracy, and Doug Ford has broken that trust. We will bring integrity to politics, and empower communities with strong local representation in our party and at Queen’s Park,” said Erskine-Smith. 

“Our plan for democratic renewal will kickstart a meaningful process toward electoral reform, and it will give young people a stronger voice in our party at the same time as we crack down on improper lobbying and donor influence.” 

Nate has a track record of principled advocacy, and support for democratic reform. He is also known for successful grassroots organizing, with a strong focus on youth. He will build on that track record in Ontario by: 

  • Engaging with and remaining accountable to our grassroots by rebuilding riding associations, holding open and early nominations, establishing a Young Liberal internship program in every riding, and more. 
  • Empowering communities and MPPs through freer votes in the legislature, independence in committee work, and decentralizing power.
  • Reforming our electoral system with a citizen’s assembly to change the voting system, ranked ballots for municipal elections, and by lowering the voting age to 16.
  • Respecting good governance with stronger anti-corruption measures, openness by default and public mandate letters, and greater collaboration with municipalities.
  • Reforming our campaign finance laws by reducing donation limits, ending improper donation bundling, and restoring the per-vote subsidy.

A full background on this plan can be found here

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