Nate Erskine-Smith Unveils Plan
for a Productive and Fair Economy

As Premier, Nate Erskine-Smith Will Deliver Inclusive and Sustainable Growth for Our Labour Force

TORONTO (16 November 2023) — Today, Ontario Liberal leadership candidate Nate Erskine-Smith announced a plan for a productive and fair economy. 

“Ontario should be a place of opportunity, with a productive and fair economy. We will deliver inclusive and sustainable growth by investing in integrated infrastructure, innovation, a clean economy, and a skilled and healthy workforce.

The Ford government makes decisions in its short-term electoral interest or for the benefit of its friends. We deserve serious leadership that prioritizes our long-term public interest, supporting economic prosperity for rural and urban communities alike, and building lasting social progress on a fiscally sustainable footing.”

To Support a Productive and Fair Economy, Nate’s Plan Will Deliver:

  • Modern transit, housing, and integrated infrastructure: we will get housing built, deliver more effective and efficient transit projects, and build integrated infrastructure in rural and Northern communities to enable greater opportunity.
  • Clean growth and sustainable jobs: the transition will happen with or without us, and we will seize the opportunity to attract global investment and create good jobs.
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship: we will expand digitization, prioritize productivity with investments in R&D and training, and improve the commercialization of research through a dedicated strategy for industry and PSE collaboration.
  • A better deal for workers and a skilled and healthy labour force: Ontario should be an affordable place to live with world-class public services, alongside stronger labour protections and a skilled workforce.
  • Strong consumer protections: we will improve transparency and competition in digital markets, and keep more of Ontarians’ hard-earned money in their pockets.
  • Fair and sustainable fiscal planning: we will maintain a serious commitment to fiscal sustainability, and ensure the benefits of growth are fairly distributed.
For more information:
Camellia Wong [email protected]  604-356-3233