Tom McGee, PLA Past-President and CFO, Beaches—East York

“I’ve known and worked with Nate for over a decade and I can say without hesitation that he has the combination of skills and values we need in our next Ontario Liberal Leader. He is compassionate, forward-looking, inclusive and inquisitive. He Is not afraid to take hard positions and defend them, but he knows the value of compromise to achieve a greater good. Nate leads by example and involvement, being among the first and most vocal electeds to speak out on gun control, animal rights, addressing the opioid crisis and even achieving one-member-one-vote in our own Party. He is a hands-on organizer at both the grassroots and the executive level, which we need to rebuild our riding associations and local campaigns. And he is a winner with a track record of building volunteer teams to help ensure the community is engaged and the foundation is laid for future success. I’m giving Nate my vote, my time, a bit of a donation and my full support, and if you want a better future for our party and our province, I encourage you to commit to doing the same!”

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