Get To Know Nate

Nate’s a different kind of politician. He’s consistently worked across party lines to get things done, and shown that politics can be done differently.

Nate serves as the Liberal Member of Parliament for Beaches-East York, elected three times since 2015. He has a track record of strong grassroots organizing, hard work, and integrity. He has earned a reputation for an independent streak and willingness to speak his mind.

CBC News’ Aaron Wherry has written about Nate’s independence and different approachAlthia Raj has written about his voting record and philosophy on free votes, and The Star’s Susan Delacourt has written about the idealism he brings to the job.

You can read more about his advocacy and parliamentary record here, including his work to deliver stronger climate action, support low-income workers, and treat drug use as a health issue. You can also find his Uncommons podcast here.

Nate's Story

Nate was raised in the east end of Toronto, where he attended public school and played baseball. His parents are retired public school teachers and his first experience with politics was supporting them on the picket lines during the Harris years.

He went on to obtain his BA and JD from Queen’s and his Master of Laws from Oxford, where he studied constitutional law. He also pitched for baseball teams at both universities. Nate practiced commercial litigation before pursuing politics.

Nate’s wife Amy is a chef and nutrition professor, currently completing her PhD at the University of Toronto. She also works with HSI’s Forward Food program and as the director of the supper club program at Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto. Originally from Lambton County, her dad still lives on the family farm.

Nate and Amy have two young boys.

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