"We're building a diverse team to rebuild our party in every corner of Ontario"

“Nate’s approach to politics and bold vision for our province is what we need as a leader for the Ontario Liberal Party. I believe his consistent track record, strong advocacy, bold, progressive platform and authenticity are all things that make him stand out as the obvious choice for the leader of the party and the best person to take us into the next election.

As a lifelong liberal from Kitchener-Waterloo and volunteer since 2011, I have never been so confident in endorsing a candidate as I am in Nate. I’m honoured and excited to support Nate to be our next leader.”

“It is clear to me that Nate understands the valuable contributions that Nothern Ontario makes to the provincial economy and he also understands that the region deserves support for its unique needs.”
“Nate and I have worked closely together since 2015. He is a genuine and sincere person who will attract people who are disillusioned by politics. He is the kind of leader we need to bring smart, progressive policies to Ontario and build a big tent to lead us to victory.”

“I’m proud to support Nate for leader! I believe he will bring a resurgence of common sense politics which will encourage voters.”

“We Liberals need a strong, competent and spirited leader to emerge victorious in the next campaign.
We, Franco-Ontarians, need at Queen’s Park a strong voice and solid representative with an attentive ear who is willing to listen. We, young Ontarians, are looking for a positive voice that will invite our generation to help shape our own future. These qualities, these strengths, these commitments – that’s Nate.”

“In a political landscape where many offer platitudes without substance, Nate Erskine-Smith has proven time and again that he is different. He listens, he learns, and he acts. The Ontario Liberal Party has a history of transformative leaders. Nate’s housing and climate policies are just two examples of his serious, bold and innovative thinking. His track record in Ottawa provides many more. In Nate, I see the potential for a leader who can guide Ontario into a healthy and prosperous future. I’m delighted to endorse Nate for leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.”

“I’m supporting Nate, because he is the leader our Party needs right now. He is knowledgeable, engaged, and committed to engaging with individual Party members and everyday Ontarians. Nate has come to Algoma Manitoulin several times already, listening carefully to the needs of rural Northern Ontario. I know he is doing this all across the province.”

“It’s time to have an Ontario Liberal Leader who is committed to serving every part of this province from Toronto to Ottawa to Cochrane and everywhere in between. I am confident that Nate will be that leader.”

“Nate’s brand of politics demonstrates that meaningful engagement and change is possible. He has proven that it is possible to work across party lines, to be independent, and principled. All of this is what the future of our Ontario Liberal Party needs, and I cannot think of anyone else who I would rather have leading that change.”
“Growing up I was raised by my working-class parents, my dad who does drywall, and my mother who is a nurse & had to take care of me and my five siblings as a single mom, As Leader there would be nobody better to represent and fight for working-class people than Nate Erskine-Smith. As Premier I know for a fact that Nate would make sure people like my parents are represented and have a Premier that is giving his all in order to make a stronger, kinder, & better Ontario.”
“As a mom, educator and Northerner, I am proud to endorse Nate in his leadership campaign. It is important to me to put my trust behind candidates that I have confidence in. Nate has a proven track record of integrity and determination to facilitate positive change that only compliments his kind and compassionate nature. He genuinely cares about the far northern and Indigenous issues and takes the time to visit, understand and empathize with our unique concerns and way of life.”
“Nate is a progressive voice with new approaches to an ever-changing world. He is an articulate and inviting person and has the competencies needed to be the next Premier of Ontario.”
“We need ambitious climate leadership in Ontario now. While Ontarians are living with wildfires, floods and extreme heat exacerbated by climate change, Premier Ford made it free to pollute, cancelled renewable energy projects while locking in more fossil fuels, and handed over parts of the Greenbelt to his developer friends. It’s time for a change. I’ve known Nate Erskine-Smith for almost a decade and he has consistently shown strong leadership on climate – his ambitious climate plan is about building a cleaner, healthier Ontario that is a leader in the clean economy future.”
“Nate is a politician with integrity, vision and a plan for change which this province needs. He’s unafraid to take on heady challenges and can both speak easily to anyone and go incredibly deep on critical issues. Change informed with vision and a commitment to bring everyone along. “

“One of the reasons I am supporting Nate is for his strong, unqualified stand on protecting the Greenbelt. We can count on him to fight for the environment and climate action.

We need a leader who is progressive, passionate and independent- and that’s Nate!”

“The Sudbury Federal Liberal Association board is very happy to endorse Nate for leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario. His commitment to climate action, health care, open reasoned debate, housing, and equity are just some of the reasons we support his leadership bid. We’re excited by the idea that Nate will bring his intelligence, kindness, fresh way of doing business, and commitment to serve the entire province to the job.”
“Nate’s independent, collaborative approach to politics makes him a fantastic candidate for leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. His thoughtful and progressive advocacy on the housing crisis, climate crisis, and other issues affecting youth in Ontario represent his genuine commitment to generational change. There is no better candidate to fight for youth interests, and I know he’s ready to do great things as our next Premier.”
“Over the last several years I’ve worked with Nate Erskine-Smith on both international and domestic issues. He is intelligent, thoughtful and progressive… a liberal in the best sense of the word.He cares about the challenges facing so many in Ontario: jobs, housing, childcare, education, health care, and serving the best interests of Ontario and of Canada.”

“Nathaniel Erskine-Smith has won the love and support of Beaches-East York and quite honestly many of his surrounding ridings as well and all across Ontario due to his natural leadership. Nathaniel has encouraged many young people to get involved and it is his brand of politics, his principles, that has empowered many of us to get engaged and involved as well. He is someone many such as myself look up to.”
“I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Nate a number of times now. His work ethic and visits to the northern parts of Ontario are commendable. He has a refreshed vision for the party and is doing a lot of leg work, building relationships and modernizing the brand. I believe that Nate has what it takes to go the distance in a measured and inclusive way. I’m excited to see him succeed. Nate, you have friends in the North!”
“Nate is ready to deliver the progressive and pragmatic leadership that our party and our province needs. From housing, to climate, to the Greenbelt, Nate has demonstrated he understands the challenge and is ready to lead a party that will deliver the solutions. I am excited to support Nate as he works to become our next Premier!”
“Nate is the right leader at the right time who can take on Doug Ford, and lead us to victory in 2026. Nate thinks differently, and brings new perspectives and fresh ideas to the Ontario Liberal Party. He’s the next generation of the Liberal leadership, focused on Ontario’s future. He has a proven track record of prioritizing good public policy ideas that lift up our communities and move us forward as a province. At the same time he’s an experienced Liberal insider who knows how to raise money and how to win. I’m honoured and excited to endorse Nate Erskine-Smith as our next leader for the Ontario Liberal Party.”
“From his dedication to engaging with Liberals from across the province, to his ability to work beyond party lines, and his sincere outreach with young Liberals, I am inspired by Nate’s commitment to do politics differently. His brand of positive, progressive politics is just what we need to revitalize the Ontario Liberal Party.”

“Nate is a champion of progressive policies who does politics differently. He is unafraid of bucking conventional wisdom, listening and learning from differing perspectives, and bringing forward thoughtful ideas to bear to tackle some of the largest challenges we face such as the climate and toxic drug supply crises. Nate does so with an enviable depth of knowledge and strong commitment to evidence-based decision making. Nate has shown the ability to work across the aisle to get things done, and he displays a level of authenticity that changes what people think of politicians.”

“Nate brings a fresh approach to politics which is sorely missing in Ontario. He is best positioned to renew the Party and steer a course to winning the trust and support of Ontario voters.”
“Nate has been a friend and colleague for the last 7 years. He has integrity, intellect and pragmatism. Most of all he will empower his caucus through a new style of politics which will allow all the members of his team to freely represent their constituents.”
“Our party needs a generational renewal. We need a leader who can build the widest coalition of stakeholders from business, healthcare, education, and the environment. Nate is bold, principled, and honest. I am proud to endorse Nate for leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.”
“As a current federal Southwest EDA chair and former OYL Executive member, I’ve had the privilege of watching Nate work for Ontarians in all corners of the province. The Ontario Liberal Party needs someone who knows how to bridge the gap between rural and urban Ontario, rather than ignoring and inflaming it, like Doug Ford has done and continues to do. Nate can do just that, and I’m proud to fully endorse his bid to be our next OLP leader and the Premier of Ontario.”
“Nate exudes honesty and integrity with a no nonsense approach to issues both big and small. Nate represents our riding with commitment, clear headed leadership and passion that will translate seamlessly to his role as leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.”
“I fully endorse Nate Erskine-Smith for the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party. He is the only candidate that understands the problems and opportunities throughout all of Ontario and he has the strength to rebuild the party and defeat Doug Ford and his Conservatives.”
“Young Ontarians are crying out for change. Thankfully, Nate isn’t afraid to think outside the box. From cannabis to climate action to worker’s compensation, Nate the backbencher brought real change to Ottawa. Just imagine what Nate the Premier could accomplish. On December 6, vote Nate Erskine-Smith!”
“Nate would make an excellent leader and Premier of Ontario! He is a proven leader, a supportive and encouraging colleague, a dedicated and hard-working representative for his community and a well-respected progressive voice in our national caucus. Ontario needs Nate!”

“I’ve worked with Nate in Ottawa. He is principled, tenacious and passionate. He creates innovative solutions that work. I have often seen him bring all sides to a mutual agreement. These are the skills we need in a leader and Nate is the leader we need for Ontario.”

“Mr. Erskine-Smith has worked tirelessly both in Parliament in his different roles on committees and with his constituents of Beaches-East York since 2015. I personally know that his colleagues in Parliament and citizens in the constituency can count on him to make things done in diplomatic, professional, and personal ways. His vision includes better access to health care, elder care, mental health and access to education, which can become cornerstones of the well-being of the Party in the province of Ontario and help it thrive in the future.”
“Over the last months, Nate has shown a deep commitment to rebuilding the Ontario Liberal Party in all 124 ridings, in every part of Ontario. In order to beat Doug Ford we need to prove our commitment to every voter in this province, from Downtown Toronto to Fisherville to Thunder Bay. Nate’s the candidate to do that.”
“Nate is young, enthusiastic, dedicated and very bright. I may not always agree with him but always appreciate his opinion as it is sure to be well thought out. Importantly the fact someone may not agree with him doesn’t bother Nate. Most importantly from a leadership perspective, Nate practices a different kind of politics. He brings an open, honest, nuanced, and intellectual approach to leadership. Many people who are cynical about politics, especially young people, will doubtless find Nate a breath of fresh air and give them a reason to be enthusiastic about politics and our future.”
“Nate is thoughtful and gets things done. Working with him I have seen how he reaches out to listen to people, get them involved and build strong connections. He is the right person to rebuild our party and get us election ready.”
“I believe that Nathaniel Erskine-Smith is the right person to lead our party into the future. He has been a vocal advocate for renewal and for new ideas, and has worked tirelessly to engage party members and to build a more inclusive Ontario Liberal Party. Nate is a passionate and dedicated leader who has demonstrated a commitment to strengthening youth voices, promoting diversity, and rebuilding our party.”
“I’ve known and worked with Nate for over a decade and I can say without hesitation that he has the combination of skills and values we need in our next Ontario Liberal Leader. He is compassionate, forward-looking, inclusive and inquisitive. He Is not afraid to take hard positions and defend them, but he knows the value of compromise to achieve a greater good. Nate leads by example and involvement, being among the first and most vocal electeds to speak out on gun control, animal rights, addressing the opioid crisis and even achieving one-member-one-vote in our own Party. He is a hands-on organizer at both the grassroots and the executive level, which we need to rebuild our riding associations and local campaigns. And he is a winner with a track record of building volunteer teams to help ensure the community is engaged and the foundation is laid for future success. I’m giving Nate my vote, my time, a bit of a donation and my full support, and if you want a better future for our party and our province, I encourage you to commit to doing the same!”
“Nate is the candidate who truly has the best interest of Northern Ontario at heart. He has taken the time to learn about the priorities of Northerners, the issues Northern Ontario faces, and understands the complexities of semi-rural and rural living. Nate will be the leader that Northern Ontarians can count on, and Nate I know will continue to support

“Nate is an independent thinker who takes the time to listen and learn. He demonstrated this asset during his visit to Sarnia-Lambton talking to voters.
He spent days, not hours , learning about our community where he has family ties and he did the same in every riding in Ontario. I was impressed with his insight and his passion to bring Liberals together .His concern for our communities, urban and rural, had an enthusiasm that was truly genuine.
As a parent of young children, he has a vested interest in creating an Ontario, that will be green and clean, an Ontario where we all can prosper. He gets it!
That is why I am endorsing Nate Erskine-Smith to be our next leader of the Liberal Provincial Party of Ontario.”

“For months he has toured Ontario, including rural ridings and seldom visited ridings in Northern Ontario. Nate understands the importance of being competitive in all ridings and that the Ontario Liberal Party should serve all Ontarians. Nate is approachable, collaborative and open to new ideas. He is an excellent communicator and has proven track record as an MP. As a proud Franco-Ontarian, I appreciate the effort Nate has put forth to do media and interviews in French. For these reasons and many more I am endorsing Nathaniel Erskine-Smith as the next leader of the OLP.”
“I’ve worked with Nate for close to eight years. He’s one of the most intelligent, authentic and compassionate people you could meet. He thinks about each issue from a local and national perspective. What’s good for the community? What’s good for the country? These are the questions that drive Nate. I have no doubt that he will apply the same approach as leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. Combined with his keen organizing skills and work ethic, Ontario Liberals have someone here who can carry out the rebuild that’s needed for the party so that it can regain government.”
“Having lived in northern Ontario for most of my life, I have watched our region’s needs get pushed aside time and time again under different forms of leadership. Nate Erskine-Smith’s approach to leadership is different. Nate has already shown us his unwavering commitment to the North.
On several occasions, he has visited and met with Ontarians in the northernmost corners of our province, and he understands the unique challenges and opportunities faced by our northern communities, businesses, and sectors.
Nate brings integrity, inclusivity, and grassroots leadership to our party during a time when we need these qualities most. I am confident that under Nate’s leadership, we will be well poised to defeat Doug Ford’s Conservatives in 2026.”
“It’s refreshing to see an elected politician speak the truth, stick to their moral values, truly represent the voices of those who voted for them, while maintaining compassion for those struggling – including those battling addictions. That’s Nate Erskine-Smith to me and why I support his leadership. He is the only candidate I’ve seen show real empathy to First Nations and the fentanyl drug crisis sweeping across our communities and the Province.”
“NATE stands for Natural, Authentic, Talented & Exemplary leader! It is my immense pleasure to endorse Nate, a very humble personality, for his candidacy to be the next leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. He is passionate about grassroots politics, learning about key Northern Ontario issues and community wellbeing. I believe we need him as the OLP leader as he is keenly devoted to rebuilding our party and province going forward!!”
“I’m supporting Nate to ensure we make life more affordable again for
Ontarians. Nate has the independence and integrity to make Ontario truly a place to grow.”
“Nate has the intelligence and integrity to be an excellent leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario. It was my pleasure to work with Nate during our time together in Ottawa. Nate was always a strong voice for all citizens. He can be counted on to speak up and do right by Ontarians.”
“It’s time for serious renewal & that begins with a dynamic leader who motivates, inspires, and has a proven track record of collaboration. That’s Nate: a dedicated community builder who listens. His thoughtful pragmatism, experience, & fresh approach is exactly what Ontario needs.”
“We need to do things differently, campaign differently, and connect with people in new ways, I am confident that Nate is the right person to do that. Look no further than the energized team of Young Liberals who he has motivated to get involved.”
“”Since 2015, I have worked alongside Nathaniel as a Member of Parliament. He is a hard working fellow and also a great father of two kids. As a passionate man, he will be fully dedicated to help people in Ontario and continue to build a province for all.””
“Rarely have I been so excited for a candidate as much as Nate. After two crushing election losses, it’s clear that the Ontario Liberal Party needs a change to succeed. Nate brings a fresh perspective that’s both progressive and pragmatic. His policy ideas tackle all the big issues that are of concern to all Ontarians, and his fresh, independent political style will bring the much needed shift from the status quo that is needed in our party.”
“Nate’s the kind of person who believes politics can be a positive force for real change. His commitment to engaging youth in progressive politics and ensuring we have access to participation is refreshing. Not only that, he’s got the drive, the energy, and the vision that will win Ontarians at the door. I know he’s the leader we need to take our Party into the next election to defeat Doug Fords Conservatives.”

“Ontarians’ health, homes and communities are under constant threat from extreme heat, floods and fires. Our homegrown businesses and workforce are falling further behind while we watch our closest trading partners run the race to a clean economy. In this context, the leaders of every political party in Canada’s most populous province should be planning for Ontario to have the most ambitious climate plan on the continent. Yet, very few provincial politicians are stepping up to plate. I have watched Nate Erksine-Smith work across sectors and political lines to push for bold climate action, and become an internal champion in his own party to build ambition on this generation-defining issue. I trust Nate to provide the strong vision for climate leadership that the Ontario Liberal Party needs, and that we who live in this province deserve.”

“Nate knows the North. He knows our issues. He knows our vision. He knows what needs to get done. He has my vote as the leader of the Ontario Liberals.”
“Rural progressives need leadership that respects the diversity in our province. People that understand that on the backroads we are loyal to our neighbours, not a political party. Nate has made independent progressives like myself believe that there is a home for us again in a renewed Ontario Liberal Party. I’m excited to knock on doors for Nate in 2026.”
“It’s time for Nate to become Premier of Ontario. He’s got a proven track record of being an independent voice, a strong community advocate, and someone willing to challenge partisanship for the betterment of his riding. He’s been the leader Beaches East-York needed over the last 7 years and he’s the leader the Ontario Liberals need now.”
“When your party needs to rebuild, you need an experienced leader who is willing to put in time and effort. In the decade I have known Nate, he’s done nothing but that while serving as MP for Beaches-East York. Nate brings the energy, vision, and experience needed to revive the Ontario Liberal Party. That’s why I’m so proud to support my friend Nate as he runs to be our party’s next leader and Ontario’s next Premier!”
“Nate is an exceptional candidate for the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party. His strong commitment to supporting the 2SLGBTQIA+ communities and building an inclusive Ontario that works for everyone is truly commendable. Nate’s focus on lifting up marginalized and vulnerable communities is exactly what Ontario needs to succeed. His leadership and dedication to creating a fair and just society will positively impact the lives of countless Ontarians. I wholeheartedly endorse Nate Erskine-Smith for the leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.”

“I am pleased to support Nathaniel Erskine-Smith. He provides the leadership and generational change needed to modernize and restore the Ontario Liberal Party and take on Doug Ford at Queen’s Park.”